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This plummeted to Android 2.2 Wong Samsung w899 1000 Yuan

(Zhongguancun online phone channel trading reported) February 22, 2011, Samsung W899 (licensed importers) in businesses "Zhongguancun specials phone network" of latest quotes is 8,800 Yuan (with votes), than zhiqian of price big drop has 1000 Yuan, accessories has: double electric double filled, and headset, and data line,. Samsung W899 is a paragraph used double screen and double die design of Android machine King. figure for Samsung W899 Samsung W899 used big cap of design, Golden of fuselage very has texture, Machine has a rich and luxurious quality. screen for dual-screen design, internal and external screens are Super AMOLED 3.3 inch capacitive touch screen, resolution up to WVGA level, actual effect is very delicate, and supports multi-touch operation. piggyback Android 2.2 version of the system, high playability, Various software are to is good of support. built-in 1GHz of processor, has 512MB of RAM space, support 3D accelerated, multimedia performance also excellent. Hou reset has 5 million pixel of camera, imaging effect mainstream, support 720P of video recording. network Shang, Samsung W899 support GSM network and EVDO network double die double to, integrated quality is high. figure for Samsung W899 figure for Samsung W899 Samsung W899 main screen size: 3.3 inch touch screen capacitive touch screen supporting multi-touch screen resolution 480x800 pixels Vice-material Super AMOLED home screen 3.3 inch screen parameters, ,Super AMOLED,26 480x800 pixel color, multitouch dual-mode network mode/ GPRS,CDMA 1X,EVDO rev dual data services. Operating system Android OS v2.2CPU a model number Samsung Hummingbird 1024MHz S5PC110CPU frequency free space 8GB memory 512MB RAM camera with 5 million pixels of the fuselage edit comments: Samsung W899 as flagship of Samsung mobile phones, in the high-end group of business people has a very high degree of cognitive, listed at one point close to 20,000 yuan, Now prices have to fall a lot. a gift if it's friends could look at this luxurious, high-end business phone. Samsung W899 (mainstream)[ reference price of]8800 Yuan (votes)[ sales merchant Zhongguancun] special offer mobile-phone]13810679102[ stores[ businesses address% 5D, Haidian District, Beijing Zhongguancun, sitong building, Room 7-703 (hailongnan 20 m)※ Above phone quotes are for actual purchased price, if you found this in the of dealer to out of quotes and text in the inconsistent, please pulling playing complaints phone: 82616677-8205, (this phone for complaints phone, almost not accept products price Advisory) because phone price exists fluctuations, therefore complaints accepted period for since articles publishing of day up of 7 days within. ※ Please you in and businesses contact purchased Shi mentioned trading sources is Zhongguancun online, This can be reported in accordance with market prices to mobile phones. Furthermore, aware of the business name and address when buying, in the event of disputes, facilitate the coordination process.

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For Russian Tycoon to create Nokia 8,800 new sky-high Edition

Nokia 8,800 since available yilai on was has pursuit grade and luxury people of favorite, however seems standard version of 8,800 has cannot meet these more gold people of requirements has, so has launched has n a limited version and special version of 8,800 again launched has more luxury of version to these Regal were sales. this debut of Nokia Deluxe version is ISSE launched of Nokia 8800 Monaco special limited version, With exquisite packaging and delicate workmanship. mobile phone handset and screen border according to different configuration being modified, so as to show its audience without noble feelings. Nokia 8800 Monaco the special limited edition also has a variety of colors to choose from, and each local decoration colors are not the same. special limited edition Nokia 8800 Monaco And Monaco of suffix also let people Lenovo since has been to distinguished and luxury known of Monaco Royal. However according to we are of message, this a paragraph 8,800 is specialized for Russia of oligarchs and Tycoon were prepared of. According to we zhiqian of reported, has has quite number of "jewelry phone" is spot for Russia design of, seems Russia of upstart on luxury also is love has alone clock. Nokia 8800 Monaco special limited version in features Shang, Nokia 8800 Monaco special limited edition and regular Edition without much difference. with 208x208 resolution 260,000 color TFT screen, built-in SGVA (500,000 pixels) camera, can take a maximum resolution of 800x600 pixels photo, and provides memory space available for the users of 64MB, support FM, Bluetooth and FM stereo radio music formats such as AAC, MP3 playback, you can work in GSM, GPRS and EDGE three network environments. special limited edition Nokia 8800 Monaco this phone your expensive in its luxury packaging, beautifully decorated and noblest jewellery on the mosaic, it is learned that the phone's final cost up to 150,000 rubles about 45,000 yuan, and built at a cost of millions of machines are some of the gap, but it is by no means ordinary people can have.

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Walkman clamshell again new pet Sony Ericsson w300c small drop

On September 11, 2006, the listed Sony Ericsson W300c 18,900 phones in the near future network's latest offer to 1700 Yuan, compared to 50 small drop before. this machine is owned by Sony Ericsson Walkman family's first clamshell mobile phone, excellent music quality and high fashion. photo: Sony Ericsson W300c mobile Zhongguancun online mobile channel reports (September 11, 2006) Latest price 1700 specifications models Sony Ericsson W300c network frequency GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900MHz ; available colors black and white; sizes 90x47x24 mm weight 93 g; 260,000 colors TFT screen parameters in the material's color screen at a resolution of 128x160 pixels; screen parameters OLED material of the monochrome screen, resolution of 101 X80 pixel; chords ringtones 40 chords; support MP3, and AAC format ringtones; recording support; can for shell support Style-Up™ shell; since series ringtones music edit Manager/MIDI (music DJ); stories mode 6 species; normal, and Conference, and car within, and outdoor, and hands-free device, and home; Chinese entered T9 input method; support words of unlimited level Lenovo, copy/ paste text features; Chinese SMS support; multimedia SMS Support MMS (multimedia SMS), MMS video ; phone address book total 1000 article; card type management of phone this, support to Ruby first letters for rules search contact information, same card Xia can added rich of records content; hands-free call support phone speaker; built-in game 3 a; Neopets, and QuadraPop, and masonry figure push w ; memory capacity 20MB; storage card type maximum support 1GB of Memory Stick Micro (M2) Card slot; u features support u features ;Java extended support Java MIDP 2.0; camera pixel 300,000 pixel; zoom mode 4 times times digital zoom; photos resolution support software plug value of way shooting 1280x960 pixel of photos, photos size can select increased (1280x960), and big (640x480), and in the (320x240), and small (160x120); built-in like box 19 a like box; burst support; timed shooting support ; Shooting mode supports night mode, merge photos, photo effectsBlack and white, and film, and Brown Brown, and exposure four species effect; photos quality General or fine; video shooting support; Flash play support Macromedia Flash Lite™ applies Yu fine animation wallpaper, and menu and the other graphics element ;MP3 play Manager built-in; built-in media play Manager (support MP3 and AAC format) and most long 30 hours of music continuous play time, exclusive music press, preset has normal, and bass, and voice, and Enhance treble as well as professional Mega Bass equalizer, apart from Mega Bass of sound effects, and other four EQ are support manual modification; radio built-in; RDS stereo FM radio features are supported; support Bluetooth interface beats by dre pro pas cher; infrared interfaces support; cable interface support; WWW browser browse HTML 4.01, xHTML 1.0, Java script and CSS (ECMA Script) content using a browser such as. SSL//TLS security agreement; shut down alarm clock and set the alarm clock support cycle beats by dre studio pas cher, a set of alarm clock can only be set; calendar support Chinese display; memorandum memorandum code; dealer name: 18,900 mobile website: Tel: 010-51668900>> click here to enter<<

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Cute Kitten styling Motorola the new concept phones coming out

Beijing time on December 04, 2008 hearing, in abroad of website Shang exposure has a paragraph new of Motorola concept phone, this paragraph concept phone of code for "Cute"--cute, from it of modeling Shang can seen this paragraph phone is meet Cute of title. this paragraph concept phone design of comparison like is a cute of small cat, in its fuselage top also more has two a little of "cat ears". this paragraph Motorola concept machine fuselage Shang half Department configuration has a color display curtain, Its fuselage sides designed a video camera at the same time, while the lower half of the fuselage design multidimensional navigation keys and call end key. pictured: Motorola's new concept phone pictured: Motorola's new concept phone on but this concept phone we did not see the numeric keypad, Do not know how to enter the information, and it is picking up the phone. the cute concept mobile phone due to its large area at the bottom and flat so you can ready to sit up, on the table charmingly naive. It also adopted the telescopic body design, the bottom of the screen the green part of the navigation keys and function keys can be indented in the fuselage.

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Introduction to fashion upstart Sony Ericsson t250 real multi-

Read the full text on this page (5 pages) Beijing time on May 9, 2007, Sony Ericsson company was held in Shanghai, China for "beyond · cooperation · win 2007 China Summit cum Sony Ericsson Product launching event" large-scale activities. in this event, Sony Ericsson launched many new products, one of the low-end market launch of T250i% 2FT250c caught the attention of the crowd. design of the machine and T650 and K850 similar. figures for Sony Ericsson T250i/T250c phone Sony Ericsson T250i/T250c is a GSM/GPRS 900/1800MHz and GSM/GPRS 850% 2F1900MHz mobile phone work in the network environment. the machines made of metal fuselage design, with black and silver colors for you to choose, it can be said that this is currently a development trend of fashion phones. exquisite workmanship and grasp of detail this T250i/T250c although has a low-end configuration but the appearance was not lost to any high-end products. Sony Ericsson T250i/T250c phone built-in FM radio, For favorite listening to radio program of friends, is a good of select. not only so, the machine also equipped with has a star camera, regret of is its pixel only has 300,000, if only as sent MMS, has enough has. this paragraph products will in this year third quarter listed, specific listed of area we temporarily is not was informed that, please we continues to concern Zhongguancun online phone channel. figure for Sony Ericsson T250i/T250c phone figure for Sony Ericsson T250i% T250i/T250c 2FT250c mobile phones for Sony Ericsson mobile phones for Sony Ericsson T250i/T250c mobile phone

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